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​​​​​​Tours and sightseeing
Grenada with its lush mountains, it's beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters, offers a wide variety of tours and sightseeing opportunities.
There are a number of interesting historical sites to explore around the island, and the exciting and interesting history of this Caribbean island is brought to life when you visit the many forts and old estates across the island.  Jeep adventure tours, hiking in the rain forest, guided island tours and trips around the island, or to the neighbouring islands are also available.

The water surrounding Grenada and Carriacou offer fun and excitement for all divers of all skill levels. From lazy drift dives over coral gardens to an eerie and challenging exploration of the wrecks of the Bianca C, these waters are captivating more and more visitors each year.  There are many wrecks around the coastline suitable for divers with different levels of experience, as well as a wonderful Marine Park with pretty reef systems and the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park..

There is a wide range of options open to visitors interested in sailing. In Grenada and Petite Martinique, where the sailing is world class, it's possible to charter a crewed yacht or bareboat for a day or longer.  Sailing in the Grenadines or whale & dolphin watching, deep sea fishing, kayaking are all available for the water enthusiast..

The Caribbean kitchen is famous for spicy dishes, exotic fruits and the most delicious variety of sea food. The cocktail of French, Spanish, Indian and African cooking, makes every dish an adventure and tantalizes your taste buds!  Grenada is no exception!  Try the local dishes like oil down (the national dish)  where vegetables and salted meat or fish is cooked in coconut milk, coo coo, our local polenta dish, lambi, locally caught conch which is usually served either stewed or soused in line juice, 

Grenada has a fairly quiet nightlife, especially when compared to other islands. However, this does not mean that there is none. There are a few hot spots where visitors and locals alike, go to have fun and where you can party till the early morning hours. They feature all the popular music, but with a choice selection of Calypso and Reggae which give them that distinctive Caribbean flair.

Grenada has more than 45 black and white sand beaches, all of which are open to the public, and full of opportunities for adventure, snorkelling, and relaxing.  This means that no matter how exclusive or expensive looking the area, the beach accessible and open for all to enjoy. Be sure to bring your swimming suit though as there no nudist beaches on the island. Some of the beaches are inaccessible by public transport, but it is worth hiring a vehicle to get to those in some of the more remote locations.  Another option is to take a scenic drive up the east coast of the island where, in just about every bay along the way, can be found private, secluded beaches with both white and black sand . Both offer the same luxurious feeling of sand between your toes, and create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and having fun.

Grenada has several fabulous waterfalls, with only a few of them known to the general public. We have personally seen more than a dozen waterfalls and several cascades, and have listed a few of the more popular here for your enjoyment.  Depending upon your fitness level, you can choose between a gentle stroll through a well-tended garden to get to Annandale Falls; or, if you are feeling very energetic, a 20 minute hike through the rain forest to get to the Seven Sisters and Honeymoon Falls.  On some of the trails to the waterfalls, we recommend that you take a hiking guide. The reason that we recommend this is because, depending on your final destination and with some of the trails not properly marked, a short stroll through the rain forest can easily turn into a long hike. Guides can be hired at the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, and most tour companies offer guided trips to all of the waterfalls.

Beach bars
Some of our favourite places to unwind and relax are these secret (and not so secret!) beach bars in Grenada. From small wooden shacks to larger restaurant style bars, Grenada has a wide selection of awesome beach bars!  They are the perfect place to chill out... whether you need a refreshing drink to cool down, food to refuel, or simply some time to watch the world go by.  Feet in the sand and drink in hand, you will meet some wonderful characters in Grenada's beach the spectacular Grenadian sunsets.

Eco Tourism
Like many other Caribbean islands, Grenada shares a history of volcanic beginnings, and while most are now extinct, we do still have one active undersea volcano, off the northern shore of the island, between the town of Sauteurs and the sister island of Carriacou.  However, over the centuries, Grenada's volcanoes have been reduced to eroded remnants, which have been taken over by the rain forest. A most notable example of this, is the Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve, which is situated in the crater of the extinct volcano. There are excellent hiking trails in the area,which are maintained by the government, and which are there for the enjoyment of all.